“I really enjoyed the session, even if it’s hard, I felt rather energized afterward. My reflection had started a bit from the first session, however, I immediately went into a more deep reflection and actually managed to keep it at only reflecting in few areas. I have a tendency to “jump around” all over but I managed to stay rather focused on where I want to be in my professional life.”

“I am not exactly sure why the session brought me benefit, but it certainly got my thinking about my own big ideas to pull me out of my comfort zone”

“Yes the session did bring me benefit. Maybe not immediately but after some time to reflect. It was really good to have a private space where I could let myself go”

“Our sessions have been really valuable, and I look forward to them. I hope they can continue.”

“Really beneficial, specifically dealing with dynamics in the workplace in a professional manner”

“I really think that this brings me a lot. It brought awareness to my vulnerability and stress which is both very present in my life. I look forward to tackle this in the next session”

“Valuable sessions due to professional coaching for me, supporting me, structure my thoughts, reflect on a work/life balance, and remind myself of my areas of strength and other opportunities. I always feel energised and positive after our sessions. You always sow a little seed into my head”.

“Yes it really helped. Suffering from anxiety and maybe from some type of ADHD I’ve been struggling lately. I am experiencing some personal problems this week and am now having some panic attack. So talking to you helped me a lot structure my thoughts and emotions”

“Really appreciate *Company Name* bringing in this service. The sessions have been valuable and good for me. I have received a lot of support to improve my situation.

“All ready some food for thoughts. I think these sessions could be very beneficial for me. I like the idea for me to voice my thoughts and reflections and to have you in the room helping me to sort them out, like how to manage being high performing in this fast moving, political and messy environment without losing myself in the process.”

“This was my first time in one of these sessions and already this has been beneficial. It is good to have the space to air my thoughts with an external professional. It has allowed me to reflect greatly on my own situation and how I can identify the area of support I need.”

“The sessions are beneficial. I got some good insights and points of view that was valuable and also some concrete ways how to handle certain situations which was really good also long term.”

“During the evening following the session, I felt euphoric, like I have been waiting for an opportunity for this for a long time. A safe space to speak my mind and emotions where the receiver, could listen, conclude and challenge where needed”