Standard Package

Package Highlights

Accelerated Progress

Customised exercises between sessions to help accelerate the progress of each team member between sessions.

Bespoke Exercises

Session exercises customised to fit the needs of each person to ensure the maximum knowledge and growth is possible.

Temperature Checks

Company “temperature check” reports so you know exactly what’s happening when it’s happening.

Progress for Your Whole Team

Each person receives their confidential written session notes after each session. The session notes provide an additional resource for understanding and reflecting on the areas covered during each session.

The Standard Package is designed to help you gain a deep understanding of your organisation at all levels. It also includes elements that will help to accelerate the progress of each person both within and outside of the scheduled sessions. 

This package also offers a more complete report, with a company temperature check and specific recommendations included. The report is followed by a 1h meeting bi-monthly with the CEO.