What is Psychotherapy and Person Centered Approach?

Psychotherapy refers to a range of interventions that can help with mental health problems, emotional challenges, some psychiatric disorders and can be used for personal development and growth.

It aims to enable clients to understand their emotions and how that can motivate certain behaviours and responses. This can empower and equip them to cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way.

Psychotherapy And Person Centred Approach

Psychotherapy is sometimes called a “talking treatment” because it uses noninvasive therapeutic methods, rather than medication.

Some forms of psychotherapy last only a few sessions, while others are long-term, lasting for months or years. Sessions are usually for 1 hour, once a week, and they follow a carefully structured process.

Created in the 1950s by psychologist Carl Rogers, core purpose of person-centered therapy is to facilitate the ability to self-actualise – the belief that all of us will grow and fulfil our potential. This approach facilitates the personal growth by allowing the client to identify and lead in their own develop, thus ensuring it is underpinned with self-motivation ensuring the greatest change for change and success.

Whilst the sessions build on the above person-centered platform, it draws methodologies from across all psychology frameworks, for exercises and strategies for living, especially utilising cognitive behavioural therapy, to address the behavioral responses underpinned by out emotions.

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Psychological Tools for Success.

This programme has been developed to support tech consultants in ever-changing diverse/dynamic workplaces.

Interview assessments

Support can be provided at interview level to ensure you are matching the right candidate to the right workplace setting.

Training programmes.

A range of training programs can be devised and developed to match your organisational needs. Please enquire for further information.

Bespoke client services

A support program can be developed to address a specific organisational need. For example large scale redundancy, moving organisations through change, toxic behaviour in the workplace, etc etc.

Independent organisational temperature checks

Following a series of 1:1 sessions, summary and statistical reports are provided to Management, regarding the emotional being of the workforce which can be used to address early onset issues and/or guide strategic development.

Psychological Tools For Success – Empowering people to reach their full potential The Programme usually runs for between eight and ten sessions, for one hour each session. The frequency of the sessions runs weekly, two weekly or monthly depending on the level of support need.

During the initial first session, a support assessment will be undertaken, to ascertain the level, type and frequency of service, and to identify any additional support issues that may require further interventions, with other services.

Across the first few weeks, a foundation is established utilising counselling techniques to not only identify professional areas of development but to also address any personal areas of support. The service acknowledges that we are are complete people and this programme offers support in all areas of our lives.

A series of methodologies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches will be utilised to help you recognise our own skills and positive attributes.

In these sessions, you will be given the tools to recognise and develop the strengths you already possess. A copy of one’s confidential session notes, which detail the area/s of support identified and ongoing action plan will be provided and will be reviewed each session.

Exercises may be set to be completed at home. Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms will be put in place to manage the service, to ensure the correct platform of support is delivered, with regular feedback sessions and quarterly reports to be completed for the duration of the programme.