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During the world’s current situation, I am continuing to support my clients by offering video/telephone appointments.

With everyone taking care of themselves and each other by socially isolating, I want to continue to support people with their mental health and well-being by offering the initial 20 minute video/telephone appointment for free.

It is important that we look after our mental well-being during these times especially whilst working from home.

So, if anyone feels in need of a check-up appointment, do not hesitate to reach out for help.

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Here are some of my top tips for keeping your brain active during this time

On Activities

  • Take time to eat breakfast. You don’t have to start your day as soon as you get out of bed.
  • Prepare yourself for a normal work day: Put on “work clothes” or something that gets you out of relaxation wear. Establishing structures and routines in our day can help us remain focused and motivated.
  • By staying home, you are not procrastinating, but if it helps to make you feel like you are doing something, make a detailed list of what needs to be done, either at work or in the home for the day/week. Checking off these steps will motivate you, and will make you feel like you are achieving the things you need to.
  • Take breaks : Cook some food, learn a new recipe! Go for a walk or do some exercise. If you have a garden, some gardening might be nice, read a book or listen to that album you’ve been meaning to check out.
  • Try to have plans for the evenings : schedule a call with a friend, organise a home dinner date with a loved one. It will give you something to look forward to and help you be more productive and feel less socially isolated.

Respect the confinement, this is temporary. Start planning what you will do when it is over.

 A famous quote is “This too shall pass” which is completely apt right now. Remember that meeting with friends face to face, going to concerts, going shopping, or going on vacation are all things we can do in the future, and these things will happen again.

On Relationships

These times will be a test for any relationship, if people are separated by borders or forced under one roof with no freedom.
If a relationship survives this, then it will come out stronger than if this had never happened. We all with be for the better of it. 
If not, recognise this was a catalyst point, and embrace the path to new things and move on. 
If people want this to work, they will make the effort and find a way, to invest in what is important to them.
How does this make me feel? And do I want more of it? 
If so, find new ways to connect. Understand more than ever that communication is important and probably the only tool we have right now. It’s not the time to hide behind nuances. It time for being honest with ourselves and each other.

Free Check Up Appointment

Look after yourself by booking your free appointment now, so that you can better look after others by staying home!