About Our Founder

Alyxandra Savage

Alyxandra Savage is a Professional Coach and HR Advisor, from Wales, UK. She started her career working with victims of abuse and chronic substance use. She then moved to project management taking on the role of Director for a Children’s and Family Centre who supported over 600 families each year.

Following this, she was the CEO of Re-Create, an organisation that provided project consultancy services, to other institutes, businesses, projects, and services experiencing change/transformation/development and/or were needing support around managing internal organizational conflict.

If somebody had asked me a decade ago, where did I see myself in ten years time, I would have answered dead.

Alyxandra Savage

During the course of her career Alyxandra was elected to non-remuneration positions, and has served two years as a Chair of The Youth Offending Referral Panel for young people and as a Welsh Government Scrutiny Officer for the Childhood Poverty Strategy.

Following her move to Sweden five years ago, Alyxandra has been working as an Independent Consultant, as a personal and professional coach, using psychotherapy methodologies. She has been working with private clients, Start-Ups, medium sized companies, and organisations such as Svenska Kyrkan.

“Ten years ago, I was two years into the decade that stole my life, as I slowly succumbed to a painful, dysfunctional, chronic illness. I was 32 when I started to fall ill. I was fit and healthy. I was a Chief Executive Officer of national children’s charity and elected government scrutiny officer. The pinnacle of a 20 year career within the NGO and Voluntary Sector, working with some of the most vulnerable and traumatised people out there. Securing funding, building projects and affecting real policy change from top down. I had a beautiful home, and family, with three healthy, wonderful children.

Then without warning my life started to fall out of control. Fast forward to today, and my life is a million miles away from that dark world. In fact, it is 3000km away. The journey from illness to recovery, recovery to wellness, and finally from wellness to fitness invoked a drive to seize life. I took the opportunity to start a new life, in a new country with a new language, and one new healthy, wonderful addition, very far away.”

“Through my journey of healing to health, I discovered tools and techniques that inspired me to help others in similar situations.

For the past few years I have been slowly starting up and developing businesses, and supporting others to do the same by actualising their potential, by recognising what they have already within.

Utilising the self-empowerment model used within psychotherapy with trauma victims, you begin to build a platform to springboard yourselves from, by recognising and understanding all we have gained from our already lived experiences. This is our tool-kit.

I am excited to be sharing news of the projects that I am working on, as I extend my services and help more businesses and individuals build their personal tool-kits to underpin their own successful futures.

In the meantime, onwards with this continuously unfolding, and always rewarding adventure…”