Professional Coach and HR Advisor

Alyxandra Savage

Alyxandra Savage is a Professional Coach and HR Advisor, from Wales UK. Commencing her career working with victims of abuse and chronic substance use, to then progress onto project management as a Director of a Children’s and Family Centre supporting over 600 families each year. Following this she was CEO of Re-Create, an organisation providing project consultancy services, to other institutes, businesses, projects and services experiencing change/transformation/development and/or support around managing internal organizational conflict.

During the course of her career Alyxandra was elected to non-remuneration positions, and has served two years as a Chair of the Youth Offending Referral Panel and as a Welsh Government Scrutiny Officer for the Childhood Poverty Strategy.

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Person Centered Approach


Psychotherapy refers to a range of interventions that can help with mental health problems, emotional challenges, some psychiatric disorders and can be used for personal development and growth.

It aims to enable clients to understand their emotions and how that can motivate certain behaviours and responses. This can empower and equip them to cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way. Psychotherapy is sometimes called a “talking treatment” because it uses noninvasive therapeutic methods, rather than medication.

Empowering Leaders through Change


The Programme usually runs for between six to eight weeks, for one hour each session. The frequency of the sessions runs weekly, two weekly or monthly depending on the level of support need. During the initial first session, a support assessment will be undertaken, to ascertain the level, type and frequency of service, and to identify any additional support issues that may require further interventions, with other services.

A series of methodologies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches will be utilised to help you recognise our own skills and positive attributes.


  • I really enjoyed the session, even if it’s hard, I felt rather energized afterward. My reflection had started a bit from the first session, however, I immediately went into a more deep reflection and actually managed to keep it at only reflecting in few areas. I have a tendency to “jump around” all over but I managed to stay rather focused on where I want to be in my professional life.

  • I am not exactly sure why the session brought me benefit, but it certainly got my thinking about my own big ideas to pull me out of my comfort zone.

  • Our sessions have been really valuable, and I look forward to them. I hope they can continue. Really beneficial, specifically dealing with dynamics in the workplace in a professional manner.